The Role Of The Media In Raising Awareness Of The Issues And Problems Of The Disabled And Changing The Attitudes Of Members Of Society Towards Them From The Viewpoint Of The Special Education Teacher In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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Rabea Abdel Raouf Mohamed Amer, Nouf Nawar Mohsen Al-Otaibi


The aim of the research is to identify the most important issues addressed by the media, and to expand the media circle around attention to issues of disabled people. The study sample consisted of (168) special education teachers in Asir educational region. The researchers followed the descriptive approach. The researchers presented a questionnaire that included (48) sub-expressions. The results showed the weak role of the media in dealing with some issues of disabled people, the most important of which are the following:

The media encourage community members to follow the sport of the disabled and broadcast attractive programs around them. The media educate families about the ways and methods of dealing with these people and introduce them to the most important techniques for modifying maladaptive behaviors. The media shows the importance of treatment programs for the disabled, creating a media vision capable of interacting positively with the issues of the disabled. It enhances awareness of it among all segments of society, encourages media professionals to produce programs and media materials that advocate the rights of the disabled and show their creativity and abilities, the necessity of observing the ethics of media practice of honesty, objectivity and accuracy, and presenting a correct and honest image representing this group.

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