Epistemology Of The Information Processes Transmitted By A Digital Communication Medium

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Gregory Peter Santamaría Romero


The present and  study seeks to reflect on the obligations and scientific possibilities in the field of communication, epistemological aspects are pointed out that contribute to the creation of a general science that in turn allows to establish the appropriate processes for, collect, analyze, process and transmit information in an efficient and appropriate way, completely aligned to the scientific field of communication .  The main purpose of this research was to  substantiate the characteristics of the  scientific process of research in communication, through the case study in  the digital  media "The voice of the people", the methodology that was used was the analysis of contents and the bibliographic documentary research, as results of this research  It found informational and routine poverty, absence of scientific procedures, inadequate narrative structure and rhetorical problems in the transmissions. Therefore, it is  concluded that se evidenced  the need to apply epistemological elements in the processes executed by the digital medium, so it is verified the need for the application of appropriate methods of research and data collection, which reflectsthe need  to use verification mechanisms of the information that is transmitted and for which it was found that This digital medium needs the application of writing manuals and journalistic style, for a better functioning and development of what is transmitted.

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