Effect Of Using Dynamic Graphical Utilities On Students’ Achievements And Attitudes To Enhance Mathematics Teaching And Learning At The Elementary Level In Pakistan: Enhancing And Impeding Factors

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Farah Naz Makhdum , Mahnaz Makhdum , Dr. Afifa Khanam , Humaira Rasool Sandhu


Utilizing and integrating technology into teaching practices has become a necessity at all levels to develop students’ cognitive in mathematics. This research is a mixed method research to identify differences in the mean scores of teaching with Desmos and GeoGebra graphic utilities with intervention and with no intervention on student’s achievement and attitudes to enhance mathematics teaching and learning at the elementary level in Pakistan. Also, to discover the enhancing and impeding factors of using graphical tools in mathematics classrooms by applying a survey questionnaire and asked open-ended questions to obtain information from the participants regarding the factors for using Desmos and Gebgra in Pakistani schools. The findings present that the inclusion of graphical tools in teaching and learning process effected the students understanding positively and significantly. Result showed that pretest and post-test of the experimental group does not imply a significant difference, since the interest shown by the students in using the said dynamic graphical soft wares.

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