Impact Of Kahoot! On Students’ Engagement And Learning Outcome At The Elementary Level In Pakistan: Their Perception Towards Kahoot! Assessment

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Farah Naz Makhdum , Dr. Afifa Khanam , Alina Faisal , Humaira Rasool Sandhu


The judgmental style in the subject of Mathematics particularly, will be affected if students’ perception about feedback processes are negative and will be worst if this affects the students’ performance. Thus, there is a dire need to apply effective judgmental style and employ innovation as it can enhance focus of students and time on task at the elementary level besides formative assessment review and to make adequate progress. The study included pre-experimental design ‘the static group comparison’ to investigate the effect of the assessment tool on Mathematics in private schools in Pakistan and around forty elementary students in Lahore, Pakistan was involved in this study. It showed a positive effect on learning acquisition in Mathematics and improved engagement as the impact of the tool on learning was positive. This mixed method research used purposive sampling to obtain the information through perception of students and they were assigned to provide information to complete self-reported and Open-ended questionnaire in the form of semi-structured interview on enhancing their overall learning experience and to empower engagement towards kahoot as an assessment tool. The data gathered by students’ perception under the exploration category. The analysis of the data revealed that students find the application useful by enhancing engagement and reducing time on task.

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