A Quest For Self-Discovery: A Study Of Enlightenment Of Paulo In ‘The Pilgrimage’

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Rizwana Saadia , Sadaf Afreen , Syeda Hareem Sharoon , Rakhshanda Sartaj


The Pilgrimage is a novel highlighting the journey of Paulo, the protagonist, as the author Paulo Coelho wrote it by getting inspired by his own life-story .Thus, making the novel an autobiography of author himself, as he made his way across northern Spain to the road to Santiago in quest for his sword. Quest is an arduous search for something. This study investigates the notion of questing for self-discovery and struggling to achieve it and then as a result enlightening one’s soul and mind. It mainly depends upon two revelations: initially, concentrating on the protagonist's quest for a sword that was in fact his search for himself i. e; for his self-discovery and the second concern of this study is protagonist’s personality enlightenment after undertaking the voyage. The present research is descriptive qualitative as it uses description to analyse the data rather than numerical statistics. The two data sources utilised in this study are the primary data being the novel itself and secondary data sources as gathered from internet, journals and other articles. Theoretical approach applies Self Determination Theory as a meta-theory comprising Goal Content Theory as its mini one related to the protagonist. The result illuminates the protagonist’s hardship in setting foot toward his objective, as his sword was snatched from him as a penalty of his avidity and then in order to seek it became his objective to fetch it in any way. As Goal Content Theory includes the intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations that the protagonist was experiencing as was working for his personal growth as well as with societal contributions i. e; (to get his sword as a reward at the end and also to follow his master’s order and with his wife’s support). He as a result learned many lessons while travelling on the road of Tradition, however facing bitter situations practising various RAM(Rigour Adoration and Mercy) exercises and leaving his family and business behind proved him to become an enlightened being.

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