Saudi-Iran Strategic Competition In Middle East: An Analysis

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Najaf Ali , Dr. Muhammad Azhar , Dr. Muhammad Ilyas Ansari , Ali Raza d Umar Bashir


The region of Middle East has immense strategic importance in global politics owing to its natural resources, geographical location and trade routes. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran are the two major power in the region. Both states are trying to secure their strategic interest in the region by using different tactics. The strategic competition between Saudi Arabia and Iran in the region is based on three main objectives; political, economic, and security. Since the exploration of oil in the region, the competition between two states increased dramatically but its rooted centuries back with the concept of ‘Pan-Arab’ and ‘Pan-Persian’. In the contemporary world, the competition between Riyadh and Tehran in the Middle East is gaining significant importance in regional and global politics. This paper only focused on the competition between Riyadh and Tehran to gained and protect political interest in the region. Secondary sources are used to collect data and the analysis are made on the base of qualitative content analysis method. 

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