Effect Of Environmental And Behavioral Factors On Students’ Dropout During Transition From Secondary To Higher Secondary At Public Sector

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Jam Muhammad Zafar , Tanzeela Ajmal , Naseer Ahmad Shahid , Naeem Ullah


The study entitled” Effect of Environmental and Behavioral Factors on Students’ Dropout during Transition from Secondary to Higher Secondary at Public Sector”. The study's goal was to figure out what factors influence dropout during the transition from secondary to higher education in Tehsil Sadiqabad. The research primarily descriptive in nature, and a survey approach was used, as well as mixed method quantitative and qualitative methodologies are also applied in it. The study's population includes all the Tehsil Sadiqabad's students, teachers and principals. Sample of the study consisted on 8 principals, 32 teachers and 120 students. Data collected from the teachers and students using questionnaire. A pilot study was done to ensure the tools' validity. SPSS was used to evaluate the acquired data using relevant statistical formulas such as, frequency, mean, standard deviation and percentage. The study concluded that there are multiple factors affecting on dropout during transition from secondary to higher secondary level including socioeconomic status, language barriers academic factors, social factors and personal factors gender and subject based issues and medium of instruction. It was recommended that above mentioned factors can be replaced with following suggestions affecting on dropout during transition parental and student motivation, value of learners interest and intentions active and constrictive role of all stakeholders including family teachers and society.

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