Linguistic Phenomena In The Interpretation Of Moniyat Al-Talibin In The Interpretation Of Al-Quran Qur’an Al-Mubeen By Sheikh Jaafar Al-Subhani: Grammatical Weakening As A Choice

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Alaa Hussein Hassab; Prof. Dr. Yacoub Yousef Khalaf Al-Yasiri


Syntactic structures take place according to years of variation and difference in the extent to which they correspond to the validity of the grammatical rule unanimously agreed on its originality, so it happens that some structures violate the rules that the grammatical custom has settled on their validity, so the grammatical criticism takes the initiative in facing this violation, so the grammarian seeks from one moment to the next to find descriptions formed in what After grammatical terms, these irregularities were described, including weakness, anomaly, scarcity, scarcity, and others, according to the degree of their violation of the rule, and this left a clear impact in the field of interpretive work, as we see that this or that interpreter takes into account these weak features, and pays attention to them; Because the correctness of the grammatical rule is one of the most important requirements of the semantic correctness for him, and then the validity of the explanatory aspect in general.

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