The Authorship Contributions Of The Selected Teachers Of Jamia Darul Uloom Haqqania Akora Khattak, KP, Pakistan

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Dr. Muhammad Ayaz , Dr. Janas Khan , Dr. Abzahir , Dr. Karim Dad , Dr. Sumia Inayat , Dr. Nasim Hayat , Dr. Hidayat Ullah Jan


Educational Institutions are always very important for the development of each and every society. The more the institutions are powerful and autonomous, the more will be its impact on the society and it will play a leading role in the society. About in the whole world, the world class universities and other instituitons are always independent and that is why it has produced such man-power which led not only their countries but also in the global world. Teachers are the backbone of these institutions which lead their students in their lives and as a result the successful people are provided to the world as leaders. In Pakistan, there are two parallel systems of education. One type of institutions are operated by the government while the second type are self dependant institutions which are called Madrassas. They teach only Relegious education and mostly they are free of cost for students. This madrassa system has produced millions of students who are leading the society. Jamia Darul Uloom Haqqania is one of the leading and prestigious Madrassa (Religious Universities) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Its foundation was laid on 6th September 1947 at Akora Khattak KP, Pakistan by Maulana Abdul Haq (RA) who was a graduate of the renowned Madrassa of India called Deoband and this is the reason that Haqqania is called the Small Deoband of Pakistan. This Madrassa has delivered its services in every dimension of Islam Dawa, Teaching, Publications, Jihad, and Tasawwaf (Islamic Mysticism), It has produced several scholars who can be seen everywhere in the world. The teachers not only provide training to the students for Dawa but also assist them to enhance their skill for Publications as well, and that is why many of its graduates have produced a large number of books and journals, a change in the behavior of the people in the society can easily be noticed due to this struggle. The authorities of this madrassa have established an institute for the publication called “Moatamar Al-Musanifeen”. In a very short period, Monthly Al-Haq is regularly published for the last sixty years. Apart from it, this institute has produced many publications and pamphlets. This article discusses the role of this institute in the field of Publication and some of the Teachers who contributed in the field of Publication for the guidance of people.

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