The Aesthetic Integration Of The Creation And Singing Creation Of Ancient Chinese Poetry And Art Songs

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Zhang huiqin , Chen chengkang


Ancient poetry art songs, as an important part of Chinese art songs, originated from Qingzhu‘s "The Yangtze Eastward" in the 1920s. After a hundred years, they became highly mature in the 1980s. Composers represented by Luo Zhongrong and Li Yinghai, singers represented by Jiang Jiaqiang , They devote themselves to the integration of the traditional and the modern, the ancient rhyme and the modern sound, and the western and Chinese music aesthetics in terms of their creation and tune creation. Taking one of Li Yinghai's three songs of tang poems as an example, combined with Mr Jiang Jiaqiang's singing style, this paper analyses the relationship between this poem's tune and words in terms of the essential elements of tone, rhythm, structure and so on, demonstrates that the regional languages embodied by Chinese poetry art song breed tune beauty of words and tune , Metrical beauty of words and tune’s rhythm and Timbre beauty beauty of tonal structure layout, and realizes the aesthetic integration of tradition and modernity, ancient rhyme and modern sound in the creation and tune creation , and then draw the conclusion that the unique beauty of rhyme and artistic conception of Chinese ancient poetry art songs is the key to the interpretation of Chinese ancient poetry art songs, in order to provide aesthetic perspective and thinking for the modern creation and singing tune of Chinese ancient poetry art songs.

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