Impacts Of Outdoor Recreation, On Health & Wellness Of The People

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Romana Ambreen , Dr. Waqar Ahmad , Dr. Yousaf Ali , Dr. Muhammad Israr , Abdul Manan


Recreational activities are carried out for fun, but they have very healthy impacts on society. The main objective of the study was to check the peoples' understanding of recreational benefits. Thus, this specific study focuses on the health benefits and wellness of outdoor recreation based on the perception of the citizen of Quetta. To achieve such a target, 400 questionnaires’’ were filled at outdoor recreational places. Different gender and age groups of people with different education levels were considered. Based on the results the study reveals that outdoor recreation has positive impacts on the physical as well as mental health of people. It was also observed that people are ready to pay more to the local government to increase outdoor recreation places and to provide more facilities to families as well as to youth. They fully understand the benefits of outdoor recreation.

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