Determining The Impact Of Resilience On Psychological Distress And General Health Of Shelter Women

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Ms. Syeda Zahra Gillani , Dr. Syeda Razia Bukhari , Ms. Komal Riaz , Ms. Ayesha Nisar


The aim of the study was to determine the impact of resilience on psychological distress, and general health of shelter women. The study intended to understand the level of resilience in women living in shelters and how it influences their psychological health and general health. The study sample comprised of a total 100 participants of women living in shelters of Islamabad and Rawalpindi cities in Pakistan. The tools used to collect the data were Brief Resilience Scale, DASS - 21, and general health questionnaire. This study is quantitative research in which a correlational research design was used to analyze the data using the regression analysis in SPSS. The results of the analysis indicated that when the resilience is high, general health gets better, however, there is a negative significant correlation between the variables of psychological distress and resilience. Further, the results showed that there are no significant mean differences among any of the demographic variables analyzed in the study, which may have made a difference in shelter women’s resilience level, their psychological health or general health. More research into shelter women's resilience will allow for a better understanding of their strengths as well as human response to traumatic life events.

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