Social Reintegration Approach As Deradicalization Reformation Policy For Terrorism Convicts In Correctional Institutions

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Fajar Purwawidada , Krismiyarsi Krismiyarsi , Mashari Mashari , Sarsintorini Putra


Deradicalization has become an important basis in countering terrorism. One of the most important problems in counter-radicalization is the need for analysis for profiling terrorist convicts to prevent them from re-engaging in and committing acts of terrorism. This paper seeks to investigate rehabilitation efforts through social integration of terrorism convicts. The study was conducted in prisons in Kedungpane of Semarang and Nusakambangan of Cilacap, Indonesia. The results showed that within the framework of the criminal justice system, deradicalization for ex-terrorism convicts is basically a process of rehabilitation and assimilation with the community. However, as part of the working of the legal system, the deradicalization process cannot be separated from the previous stages of the system, namely starting from the determination of the formulation policy by the legislators, and the application stage starting from the time of leaving prison after the detention period, and the stage of blending into the community. Within the framework of the criminal law system, the deradicalization of ex-terrorism convicts is not only related to the rule of law as the basis for the operation of the implementing components of the deradicalization program.

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