The Qur’ānic Terminologies “Fear” AND “Grief”; THEIR Exegetical, Mystical AND Psychological Interpretations

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Zunaira Moeez , Dr. Muhammad Farooq Haider , Dr. Sadia Tahseen


The Qur’ānic Terminologies Fear and Grief are human sentiments which generally represent negative energies of a person. The negativity empowers changes in their physical and social lives, resulting in chaotic mental health. In this research paper, an insight into the literal, contextual and social associations of both the words will be explicated as depicted by various exegetes, mystics and psychologists according to their areas of interest. Moreover, their relevance and implications in the Quran with respect to human emotions will be elaborated and the discussion will be concluded by expounding solutions of coping up with them through an ultimate divine guidance.     

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