Classroom Discipline And Learning Interest Of Engineering College Students

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Dr. N. Joly shalini , Dr. L. Kanagalakshmi


Discipline is one of the most important things in a student’s life. It is crucial to follow discipline. Along with education, students must learn discipline because without the discipline; students can’t be well educated. Making the students interested in learning can be a real challenge; there are a lot of fluctuating that can affect their engagement. Teachers and parents usually spend a lot of time thinking about encouraging the students and getting them interested in learning. Although the college is regarded as the main source of instruction and getting knowledge, intellectual, social, and academic development should enlarge beyond the walls of the classrooms. The student’s lack of interest in learning can be caused by difficulty concentrating, learning difficulties, emotional difficulties, family problems, and many more factors. So it is essential to help the students to involve their interest in learning. The interest can be experienced as a result of cultivating self-determination, relatedness, and competence.

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