Social Work Intervention To Rehabilitate Victims Of Hatred In India: An Analysis Of Socio-Legal Challenges

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Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Tomer , Mr. Tarun Kumar Kaushik


Law is an instrument of social change; it acts to deliver social transformation. It emphasizes research and attempts to solve social concerns. Law and social work go hand in hand. By adopting the social justice and rights-based approach, as well as working with vulnerable individuals and disenfranchised communities, social work can make a significant contribution in this field. However, social workers across the country, in various contexts, are grappling with rising challenges while rehabilitating victims, especially hate speech and hate crime victims: from the danger of social workers being victimized to getting involved in violent extremism. This non-empirical research paper analyses the socio-legal challenges involved; decodes techniques for bringing change and transformation in the Indian society, where none of them can be called the most effective and safest approach.

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