“A Study On The Effectiveness Of Mulligan Mobilisation And TheRapeutic Laser To Improve Pain And Rom In Grade 1 Ankle Sprain .”

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DR. M. Raja Srinivas , DR. J. Hari Kishor babu , Pamidimarri Datta Sai


Background and Objectives: LLLT has been used in pain management for over two decades.

The objective of the study was to evaluate a study to evaluate the effect of mulligans and therapeutic laser to improve pain and ROM in grade1 ankle sprain

Methods: 40 subjects with diagnosis of pain were randomly graded 1 ankle sprain allocated in two groups. Group A received PRICE Protocol whereas Group B received Laser Therapy + Mulligan Mobilization. The outcome was assessed in terms of Universal Goniometer and Numeric Pain rating Scale (NPRS) at baseline and immediately post intervention.

Results: The result of the present study showed that in Group A there were 20 subjects with mean age 31.55 years and in Group B there were 20 subjects with mean age 32.15 years when means were analysed from pre intervention to post intervention within the groups there is a statistically significant (p<0.05) change in means of NPRS and UNIVERSAL GONIOMETER within study group and within control group. There is a clinically significant improvement with large effect size in both groups.

Interpretation and Conclusion: The present study concludes that both training protocols were equally effective in treatment of Grade 1 Ankle Sprain. Further it was also noticed that Group B was more effective in improving range of motion and reducing pain than Group A. Hence while applying the protocol laser therapy + mulligan mobilization were better than the price protocol alone.

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