Phonetic Interference In English And Arabic Languages

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Ali Mohammed Ali , Haider Ibrahim Khalil , Roza Salah Hasan


Arabic and English are quite different languages phonologically speaking from each other. Both languages have some similar phonetic characteristics as well as some unique ones. The phonemic alphabet or the phonotactic rules include the distinguishing characteristics. In this study, the stop voicing contrast is phonetically implemented in Arabic by Saudi Arabians and in English by Americans and Saudis. American listeners generally had little trouble distinguishing the English stops created by the Saudis, with the exception of /p/, despite this phonetic interference from Arabic to English. There is no such thing as this phoneme, which in Arabic, was often delivered during the stop conclusion span by glottal beating. The specialist has seen odd phonetic and phonological qualities in the communicated in English of his understudies while filling in as an educator.

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