Knowledge Organization And Performance Effectiveness Of Commercial Banking Sector In Jordan

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Ahed Al-Haraizah


What the world is witnessing today of changes, developments, and transformations affecting various aspects of life, which does not stop at a certain point in this global environment. Therefore, knowledge economy perspective verified that knowledge organization is a competitive strategic element so as to achieve global competitive advantage. Thus, this study aimed at identifying the impact of knowledge organization on performance effectiveness: applied study on the commercial banking sector in Jordan, which was done through monitoring the reality of the organization and application of knowledge (knowledge creation, sharing, and structuring) within banking sector in Jordan. Moreover, highlight the role of knowledge organization in achieving activities' effectiveness within these banks.  Significantly, this study has developed a set of questions and hypotheses that have addressed the problem of the study with its various dimensions. This research paper has used a quantitative technique to collect data from participants, afterwards, SPSS statistical techniques were used to obtain the findings of this research. The findings showed that commercial banks utilize the organization of knowledge through their practices within various operations. In light of the results of this study, a set of recommendations have been introduced that enhance the organization uses the organization of knowledge and enhance performance effectiveness of commercial banks in Jordan.

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