A Study On Rural Consumer Buying Behaviour Of Fmcg Products In Tiruvallur

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Raghuram.R , Dr.Balasubramania Raja.G


Urbanisation, a high literacy rate, rising rural consumer income, and an increment in the awareness level of consumers change the consumer buying behaviour of Tiruvallur district. This district has a huge population. The contribution of people's buying is less in this district. This aspect induces the researcher to investigate the buying behaviour of consumers in the district. The aim of the study is to find out the factors influencing the rural consumer to shop for FMCG products in Tiruvallur. The factors are measured through quantitative research methods. The samples are FMCG consumers from Tiruvallur, Tirutani, and Ponneri. These samples are picked out through a convenience sampling method. The opinions of samples are assessed with the help of inferential statistics. All the variables (product, price, and psychological aspects) are associated with buying behaviour. Of the three attributes, prices are having the greatest effect on buying behaviour. If prices change, consumption in the rural market may decrease.

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