Assessment Of The Performance Of Panchayati Raj Institution Through Women Empowerment In India

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Monjita Basumatary , Dr. Seema Rani


Panchayati Raj is the basic unit of local administration.The system has three levels of administrations.Gram  panchayat, Mandal perished, and block samati or panchayat samati. Generally it refers to the system of local self government in india. It was first introduced by a constitutional amendment In 1992 on the basis of recommendation of L M Shingvi Committee in 1986.The system has been since its introduction have done various activities in rural areas development and women empowerment.But the system has various problems in performing its functions, i.g mass illiteracy, poverty, I'll health conditions etc.In democratic country constitution has given panchayat system with more more power and its power and performance is also increasing. Studies on the subject reveal that Panchayati Raj institution have been made progress and could have brought positive changes in the villages societies and made the village politically, economically empowered.Women were also have made some progress in various fields through panchayati raj  institutions.The system is further significantly beneficial to the village as it enabled the central and state governments to allot significant sources of money directly at the village level ; and introduces various social protection and development programmers, which could not  have been  implemented without the without the existence of a well functioning local government structure.In  this paper attempt has been made to study assessment of the performance of panchayati raj institutions through women empowerment in India.

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