Emotional Reasoning Among Educational Counselors

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Muhammad Ahmad Zaal , Prof. Muhammad Kadhim Jassim Al-Jizani (Ph.D)


The research aimed to identify: the emotional inference of the educational counselors, and the significance of the difference in the emotional inference of the educational counselors according to the gender variable (male/female), marital status (married/unmarried), length of service (1-5 years/6 years and above) To achieve the objectives of the research, the researchers relied on the emotional inference scale that they prepared according to the Burns model, and the scale consisted of (30) items. Cronbach reached (0.788), and then the scale was applied to a sample of (200) male and female counselors, who were chosen in a cluster random manner. There are statistically significant differences in social status and length of service. In light of the results, the researchers presented a number of recommendations and suggestions.

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