Economic Analysis Of Household Energy Consumption Pattern And Energy Management – Special Reference To Selected Household In Chennai City

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Dr. A. Vinayagam


Energy is the significant component required for human beings. The human civilization require some form of energy their vegetation and existence. Accumulation, usage and transmission of the energy has been undergoing serious transformation and now heightened into higher level across India and the manifestation is more among Tamil Nadu. The more urbanized state with adequate industrial progress entails with huge consumption of energy. Energy consumption is utilized as a significant catalogue to postulate and manifestation of the economic and social progress of the state. (Rahman, A. de Castro,1995). In economic theory, energy indicated as significant component of progress dialectics. Theoretically, the modern economists like Schurr and Jorgen professed energy considered as the fifth factor of production along with land, labour, capital and organization. However, the classical economists had not indicated the significance energy and its contribution to economic analysis. Usually, energy is used by almost all economic activities such as agriculture sector, industrial activities, commercial, transport, social, service and household requirement. In addition, all sectoral growth tremendously depend upon the accessibility of sufficient, economical, reliable and unremitting supply of energy carriers of numerous types, along with other economic and social expenditures. Therefore, energy adequately occupies the prime place in the economic sectors as a vital input for progress. (Berglund C. Soderholm P. 2006)

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