The Role Of The Financial Intermediary In Activating The Bahraini Stock Market, Comparative Study

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Dr. Nashat Mahmoud Jaradt


Stock markets are an essential tool of economic growth in countries because of their positive impact on economic activity, and the financial market cannot be imagined without there being a financial intermediary mediating between the financial companies and the client (the commercial or financial intermediary or the broker) and this process is considered A group of releases for similar meanings in the nature of the activity, and if the images differ, the initial meaning of these terms is shared in that there are those who want to sell or provide a good or service, and there are those who want to buy or receive the service, but there is difficulty in reaching each party to the other, and a person who depends on this process facilitates this process His knowledge relationship with who wants to sell and who wants to buy or who owns the service and who wants to benefit from it and communicates the two parties’ agents to the other in return for a return he gets for that process, and with the development of markets and the existence of the financial market and then the financial intermediary and what is necessary for his presence in terms of his responsibilities and highlighting his tasks that fall and the corresponding rights to him, and at the same time they are obligations on the shoulders of the company that offers papers or bonds for sale or the customer who wants to buy, and since there are obligations arising from the contract between both parties. From the financial intermediary and those who mediate between them, as well as obligations arising from the civil liability of the financial intermediary.

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