An Analytical Study Of Water Production, Demand, Supply And Water Crisis In Jaipur City

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PAYAL SHARMA , Dr. Salahuddin Mohd


The level of groundwater in Rajasthan is decreasing in the last few years, due to rapid increase in population, the state is facing water problem. In the last few years, the population of Jaipur city is increasing rapidly, due to which there is a sharp decrease in drinking water. The total water supply in the city is 6300 lakh liters, while the demand for water is 7000 lakh liters. More demand has been told than is happening, so the purpose of this part is to assess the distribution of existing water sources and production, and present a comparative study of production and demand, about the water crisis, so that the existing water resources of the city development authority are optimized. and strives to operate.

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