An Empirical Study On Role Of Hrm In Developing Innovation Culture In An Organization

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Dr. Neetu Randhawa


In order to help a company adopt and profit from the innovation process, this paper presents study findings on the role that effective human resource management plays in creating an innovation culture. Meeting the constantly rising demands and expectations of the market and customers presents firms with more hurdles in today's highly dynamic and competitive business climate. Managers must accept innovation as a fundamental component of the company in order to assure its competitiveness and success, realising that it is one of the important components in this sense. The purpose of this essay is to draw attention to the relationship between organisational innovation performance and human resource management. In this context, we examined the HRM practises that encourage innovation and connected them to the key elements of creating an innovative workplace culture. Human resource management needs to be an innovation engine because while a good idea originates from one individual, it is translated into innovation by a team.

Innovation is essential for both a competitive advantage and long-term success, a fact that business leaders around the world have come to understand and accept. Future growth is now significantly predicted by an organization's capacity for innovation. In order to survive the economic slump and keep staff together, businesses and their HR teams must think outside the box and develop creative solutions. Studies conclusively demonstrate that the business innovation strategies that place the greatest emphasis on people and human capital are the most successful. These include identifying, enlisting, and motivating essential people for innovation, fostering an innovative culture by encouraging and rewarding risk-taking and entrepreneurship, and teaching all employees how to innovate.

In order to understand the role HRM plays in fostering innovation in organisations, the purpose of this research is to examine role of HRM  in developing  innovation culture in an organization.

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