Public Services Ordering Land Administration In West Rumbai District, Pekanbaru City

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Sardef Saputra , Sufian Hamim , Detri Karya


The increasing population indirectly results in the need for land increasing. In addition to the rising demand for development, there is also a need for housing and land needs of other interests. At that time, the amount of available land began to feel very limited (in the sense that it did not increase). This research is qualitative, and the type of research is descriptive, namely research that describes or explains, clearly and in detail, the Analysis of the Implementation of Land Registration. Research design is closely related to research methods; it can even be said that the two cannot be separated from each other because the research design was made by the chosen research method. Land registration not only protects the owner but also determines the status of a plot of land: who owns it, what the rights are, how large it is, what it is used for, and so on (Dalimunthe 2000, 132). The guarantee of legal certainty to be realized in this land registration includes the lock of the status of the rights registered, the confidence of the subject of the right, and the assurance of the object of the right—this land registration results in a certificate proving their rights.

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