Theoretical Justification Of The Dimensions Of The Working Part Of The Combined Aggregate Cutting Grinder

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Raxmonov Xusan Tojiyevich , Xusanov Axmadjon Juraevich , Yuldashev Odiljon Toshpo‘latovich , Do‘smatov To‘g‘onboy G‘aniyevich


In this article, the dimensions of the working parts of the cutting grinder of the combined aggregate, which make the soil soft before planting, are theoretically studied. Analyzing the work of a number of scientists who carried out scientific research in this area in the conditions of Uzbekistan on such machines that make the soil soft before planting, it was determined that research on this work was not carried out, as a result of this research, the topic was relevant to achieve high-efficiency yields from the sown areas.

This machine used a pile drum for cutting crumbs, which gives a good effect only in zones with light soil. In the conditions of Uzbekistan, there are cases when kesak gets stuck in the drum-elevator range in more field areas and passes without crushing. That is, the intermediate distance at which the drum is located from the elevator start part is short, and the drum pegs cannot reach the crushing of the cuts due to the fact that they are fixed to it not fixed. Therefore, our main task was the creation of drum pegs as movable and the theoretical justification of its main parameters. When substantiating the parameters of the proposed working parts, based on its construction and based on the scientific work of most researchers, the operating parameters of the agragat elevator are substantiated using formulas in order to ensure the elution of the soil on agrotechnical demand.

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