Prevention Of Chips Formed İn Circular Cutting Of Glass Plates With Water Jet Cutter

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Ugur Simsir


In the water jet cutting method, breaking and burrs occur on the cutting edges while 8mm thick glass is cut circularly in two different sizes for the purpose of the Burner Plate (hearth). This not only causes loss of time due to the need for a second running-in process, but also increases the cost and causes an increase in the amount of scrap. In this study, it is aimed to improve the process by experimentally finding the parameters of the edge quality of the 8 mm thick glass material cut after correcting the squareness of a CNC water jet cutter to improve the circular cut. In tests performed at different pressures and different flow rates, with different nozzles, orifices and garnets, it was found that the most efficient and error-free cutting process will be by choosing the cutting speed of 1000 mm/min with 2000 bar, 0.4 kg/m abrasive flow rate, 0.76 nozzle, 0.25 orifice combination and 120 mesh garnet abrasive.

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