Job Satisfaction In The Hospitality Industry And Its Relation To Workload And Work-Family Conflict

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Dr. Sonal Saxena , Vivek Shrivastava , Abhishek Shrivastava


Workload and work-family conflicts should be examined since they have a significant impact on the productivity of the people working in an organisation. The objective of this study was to investigate the connection between stress brought on by work and other factors, such as the tension between work and family responsibilities and job embeddedness. 200 academics from different business and engineering institutes in the Gwalior region participated in this study. An intentional sampling technique was used to choose the research sample. An investigation of work pressure, work - life conflict, and job attachment was carried out using a standardised questionnaire. The factors involved in the study, the reliability of the questionnaire, and the nature of the relationship between the variables were investigated using, factor analysis, reliability analysis and regression analysis, respectively. According to the findings of the research and analysis of the data, first, using reliability analysis showed that using Moderated Regression Analysis techniques it was revealed that data is highly reliable; second, with the help of factor analysis, it was revealed that data is usually distributed and suitable for the analysis; and finally, the results of the research and analysis of the data were presented. In conclusion, the results of a multiple regression study revealed that the hotel business is significantly impacted by both excessive amounts of work and conflicts between work and family obligations. Consequently, the conclusion reached was that the corporation should concentrate on working hours while also prioritising the employees’ family lives.

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