Application Of Low Cost Materials In Dissolved Solids Removal

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Elmasry, E. & El Nadi, M. & O. , Monayeri , & Abdelmomen, M. M.


To improve desalination techniques that low energy consuming and more environment friendly technologies, local materials tested combined in order to have their advantages in achieving the optimum removal ratio and the best system application.

System consisted of three units ,each tested different sandwich textile material in three runs to determine different purpose ,sandwich panel consisted of (textile-bentonite-textile) of (cotton “natural”, geo-textile “artificial” and, mixed-textile) cases each filled with 4cm layer of powder bentonite , which are local available materials in the Egyptian market.

Sandwich textiles worked as filter media with (1 ,4 ,and 8) layers application in order to estimate stability , suitability , workability ,and durability of each material, under the same synthetic water prepared in the lab with concentration of ≈ (5 gm/L) as a simulation to brackish water.

Working hours of the system determined to be 1.5 hours ; to produce 3L with rate of filtration (1.74 L/min/m2) ,moreover the best application was for the (geo-textile sandwich) material specially when (8 layers) of material used in removal ratio , workability ,and durability.

Experimental work revealed success of tested materials in desalination process with promising removal efficiency, but need more work to improve system workability in order to reduce the amount of washing water between cycles.

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