Effectiveness Of Family Counseling Based Problem Solving To Improve Marriage Quality And Emotional Relationships (Intimacy)

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Sai Handari , Juntika Nurihsan , Ilfiandra , Yusro Edy Nugroho


This study aims to examine the effectiveness of problem solving family counseling in improving the quality of married couples and their emotional relationships. This research is motivated by the number of young couples who end up in divorce. This research examines the role of family counseling in improving the quality of marriage and the emotional relationship of married couples. This study uses an experimental method with family counseling as a pilot. The designs used are pretest and posttest. This study took a sample of 50 family couples using purposive sampling. The samples in this study were 25 pairs each in each group. The researcher used a quality index and a marital questionnaire. The results showed that problem solving-based family counseling had a significant effect on the quality of marriage and the couple's emotional relationship. The increase in these two variables can be seen from the analysis results which show that the components of the two variables show a significant increase. The quality of marriage is strengthened by increasing the components of satisfaction, agreement, cohesiveness, and reducing or resolving the problems faced. Improving the quality of emotional relationships (intimacy) is indicated by the intimacy component. Emotional quality is mutual understanding of couples from different cultures, good emotional connection. Family counseling can be used to maintain quality and solve problems experienced by married couples. The implication of this research is problem solving-based family counseling can be used as an alternative in maintaining marriage.

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