Cost Benefit Analysis Of Ultra High Density Apple Plantation: A Comparative Study Of Baramulla And Budgam Districts Of Jammu And Kashmir

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Dr. Tawheed Nabi, Majid Imtiyaz, Omar Parvaiz


There are several varieties of high density apple such as super chief, Gale Gala, Jeromine, Red Chief, King Rout etc. In old varieties of apple average productivity is 6-8 metric tonnes per hectare, but in high density it is 40-60 metric ton per hectare.The study was conducted in the two districts of Jammu and Kashmir, Baramulla and Budgam to measure the cost benefit analysis of Ultra High Density apple cultivation.42 Ultra High Density Apple growers were selected by simple random sampling out of 140 growers of districts of Baramulla and Budgam. The UT of Jammu and Kashmir had 400 thousand hectares of land are under cultivation in which 330 thousand hectares are under fruit production (S.R.D-2020). Horticulture plays a significant role in the economy of Jammu and Kashmir. About 8-10 percent of GDP of the UT comes from Horticulture (DHK-2020). Fertilizers play an important role on the production of Ultra High Density apple. Kashmir consume huge amount of fertilizers, but growers spray only 8-10 sprays in a year as compared to Netherland which sprays 20-25 spray in a year. From the last few years horticulture of J&K is facing loses due to various factors, 2016 unrest and 2020 Covid-19 pandemic being the notable ones. But in present scenario Iranian apples make hue and cry because of low cost. The transportation and marketing of the horticulture produce during the previous year also effects. Further, the unavailability of the pesticides and insecticides caused due to the pandemic also affected the sector from 2019 to till date.

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