The Future Of Indonesia National Security Post Covid-19: Defense Perspective

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Eko G. Samudro, Siswo Hadi Sumantri, Syaiful Anwar, Ichsan Malik


The spread of the corona virus (COVID-19) is a threat of potential disasters for the interests and national order, both natural disasters, man-made disasters or a combination of the two. Observing the current situation and conditions, namely the threats and challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, from a non-military defense perspective, it is time to face it with a total defense strategy. In the future, Indonesia's national security, which includes state security, community security and order, and human security need to be considered. An institution that regulates this is needed in order to overcome the threats that come to the fore. Elements of the Indonesian National Army, Police and related Ministries / Agencies who are members of an institution, the National Security Council for example, will play an active role in accordance with the threats that come without eliminating their main functions. The future threat, which is increasingly complex, of course requires Indonesian human resources to be "tech savvy" and have a reputation in the international world. National defense based on Law no. 3 of 2002 concerning National Defense which is total, becoming the key in facing the existing threats. This is shown by the coordination, connection, synergy and harmony of thoughts and programs of the relevant government officials.

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