Leadership Of Administrators For Improving Missions Implementation Of Thai Private Higher Education Institutions

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Thumrongsak Damrongsiri , Boontham Harnphanich , Teeradej Snongtaweeporn , Sukhumpong Channuwong , Wannee Benjawatanapon , Patcha Raktakanishtha , Suwanna Vongsurakrai , Chaianun Siribensanont


The purposes of this qualitative research were to present the meaning of leadership, the special characteristics of leaders, leadership communication to follow mission, vision and philosophy of the universities, leadership for management of stakeholder interests, and the results of leadership approach in academic affairs. The research results showed leadership is the ability of leader to motivate and drive the effort of group to reach the set goals and objectives. Leaders have some special characteristics such as exhibition of a high effort level, desire to lead, honesty and integrity, self-confidence, intelligence and job-relevant knowledge. Leadership communication is important to follow mission, vision and philosophy of Thai universities as it can encourage employees to have a strong organizational commitment and devote their effort to work in the same direction to reach organizational goals. Leadership management can be applied to align the interest of each stakeholder and to achieve maximum value for universities’ stakeholders. Leadership approach in academic affairs is considered as an important component to increase the potential for continuing growth and strength of Thai private higher education institutions.

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