Impact Of Work Environment On Job Satisfaction And Employee Retention: An Empirical Study From Private Sector Banks In Hyderabad Of Telangana State In India

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Dr. Mohammed Shafiuddin , Ms. Ghada Mohammed Marhoun Al Nassibi


One of the most important aspects of running a business, especially for companies in the private sector, is figuring out how to keep hold of your best employees. The work environment is one of the most important variables in determining whether or not an employee stays with an organization. The purpose of this article was to examine the workplace and its effects on employee satisfaction and retention. This quantitative study included in-depth surveys with 135 bank employees in Hyderabad, Telangana State, India. SPSS version22 was used to perform the analyses on the gathered data. The idea was put to the test with the use of a regression analysis. Increasing employee retention is a goal shared by all businesses; as such, the findings of this study will benefit both employers and workers. In this ideal scenario, every company in the world would have a better understanding of how their workplace environment influences employee retention.

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