Change In Magnitude And Rate Of Depletion Of Groundwater- A Research On Water Harvesting Management Harvesting Strategies

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Pradeep Kumar , Dr. Sudhir Malik


Withdrawing water from an aquifer always leads to groundwater depletion. Particularly in impoverished nations and in humid climates, the extent of depletion is seldom quantified, and documentation is scant. Future work will focus on establishing and improving techniques of measuring depletion, which is a prerequisite for addressing the issue. The objectives of this paper is to study about groundwater depletion and water harvesting, to ascertain whether water harvesting management is helpful in reducing water electricity bills or need for importing water, to assess the relationship between water harvesting management and water and energy conservation, and landscape irrigation and to suggest certain management strategies in relation to groundwater depletion and water harvesting. To accomplish this goal Researchers often combine primary and secondary sources. This study employs a mixed method of analysis and description. Information gathered from the literature review that is both relevant and supportive of different elements of groundwater resources, such as groundwater quality, are presented. One hundred persons were selected at random from throughout India to serve as a statistically valid and representative sample of the population. In the end, for these efforts to bear fruit, they must be taken on with the proper attitude and approach. In addition, more people-participatory programmes should be bolstered to raise public awareness about the need of preventing the deterioration of natural resources and effectively managing those that have already been depleted.

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