Operational Efficiency And Sustainability Of Securities Companies

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Tran Van Hai


The study aims to propose financial solutions to improve operational efficiency for securities companies. The research sample includes 40 Vietnamese securities companies, equivalent to 360 observations from 2012 to 2020. Using qualitative research (synthetic methods; Inductive and interpretive methods) and quantitative research methods (linear regression methods), the author found six independent variables that explain 64.8% of the variability of the variable depending on the sustainable growth of the securities company, including (1) The size of the securities company (Lnsize); (2) Level of capital adequacy (Capratio); (3) Debt-to-equity ratio (Leverage); (4) Proportion of accounts receivables (Receivables); (5) Return on equity (ROE); (6) Listed securities companies (IPOs). Based on the research results, the author offers several discussions and assessments on the critical role of improving the operational efficiency of securities companies and financial solution recommendations to target operational efficiency for Vietnamese securities companies.

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