Politics In The Digital Age: Measuring The Impact Of Twitter On Pakistani Youth

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Dr. Noor Hayat , Dr. Muniba Fatima Zahra , Ashbeelah Shafaqat Ali


This study aims at measuring the impact of Twitter to generate the awareness regarding political affairs among youth in Pakistan. The participants included in this research comprised of the 300 male and female graduate students of Government College University Faisalabad and The University of Lahore. For collecting the data, researcher used non-probability sampling method whereby close-ended questionnaires were distributed. The findings of this study showed that Twitter has a great amount of influence on youth and it plays a key role in providing political awareness. Twitter has a great deal of impact on teenagers and help them to acquire knowledge regarding their fundamental political and social rights. Findings reveal that political messages through Twitter influence the respondent’s political orientation and it helps them to decide whom to vote in elections. In this age of information, twitter is making life easier for the voters to select the right political party. Findings also show that Twitter has become an excellent source of connectivity to political leaders and their voters. By analyzing the approaches of political leaders and youth behind the use of Twitter, this paper contributes to the continuing research of the political influence on social media especially twitter. 

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