Absorbing The Religious Identity Values Through Woven Fabric Motif Digitization To Preserve Indonesian Identity And Culture

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Supratman Zakir , Charles , Sarwo Derta , Firdaus Annas


One-sided claims of cultural wealth are common due to the transformation caused by migration from one region to another and the weakness of the database system on related assets. Therefore, this study aims to develop the application of woven fabric motif digitization to absorb the religious values needed for preserving valid, practical, and effective Indonesian identity and culture. The method used is Research and Development (RnD) version 4-D (Four D), which is an extension of Define-Design-Develop-Disseminate. Furthermore, the product development stage adopts the System Development Lyfe Cycle (SDLC) approach, with the Waterfall type consisting of Communication, Planning, Modeling, Construction, and Deployment. The results were declared valid with a value of 0.80 which means stakeholders can use the resulting product. Furthermore, the test results showed a practicality value of 93.33, which is practical or easy to use. With a value of 0.92, the effectiveness test revealed that the product can produce information related to the woven fabric motif.  Other results indicate that the motif has significance for local knowledge and the content of religious values as symbols in the people's lives.

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