An Assessment Of Marital And Relationship Determining Factors, Satisfaction And Its Consequences In The Case Of Kellem Wollega Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia

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Mesfin Bedane Wolde , Yigalem Bekele Taisa , Takile Alemu Yigazu


A Research study was conducted to assess Marital and Relationship determining factors, satisfaction and its consequences in the cases of Kellem Wollega Zone. To assess marital satisfaction and its consequences, 120 samples were selected while 73 of them were those in marriage and 47 of them were those at the stage of in relationship.  Descriptive survey design was used along with simple random sampling technique. Study results regarding factors affecting their sexual compatibility shows that psychological readiness at 3.31, cultural factors at 3.04, religious factors at 2.90, and presence of physical health at 3.86 mean values affects partners’ sexual compatibility respectively. Majority, 76.6% of the respondents in marriage have high commitments for their marriage at the mean value at 2.70 while majority 78.4% respondents in a relationship have high commitments for their relationship with their partner at 2.75 mean value. The study findings regarding techniques of managing divorce used by the respondents, when their relationship or marriage is at risk, 35.8% consult their friends, 11.7% the elders in the neighborhood, 14.2% religious leaders, 35% take their case to the court and only 3.3% respondents discuss their case by them-selves; at the time of disagreement  partners use different mechanisms to have good communication such as being positive to his/her silence 27.5%, being patience 44.2%, and initiating topics of discussion tirelessly 28.3%. Researchers highly endorsing that good communication, being patience, initiating topics of discussion tirelessly to discuss the cases by themselves and ignore the divorcing by encouraging collective belongings, cultural values and shared memories that they have with their partner.

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