Educational Leadership Challenges And Its Resilience In Secondary Schools Of Kellem Wollega Zone, Ethiopia

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Mesfin Bedane Wolde , Yigalem Bekele Tasisa , Takile Alemu Yigazu


A research study was conducted to assess educational leadership challenges and its resilience in secondary schools of Kellem Wollega Zone. The aim of the study is to identify challenges and suggest resilience strategies to overcome the prevalence educational leadership challenges to achieve education quality in secondary schools. The study involved 357 samples selected which include 48 education leaders and 309 secondary school teachers. Descriptive survey research design along with simple random sampling technique was used. Study revealed that high lawlessness behavior in the schools, students’ disciplinary problems, and strongly influenced school aims by pressures from the external environment particularly from the expectations of the government political environment and lacks leadership commitment in coping challenging situation. The researcher intensely ratifying those educational leaders to have professional training and professional computation must be the way to bring education leadership to power   without any external pressures of superiors. One of the keys to being effective educational leaders in changing situation is the application of the necessary developing leadership resilience strategy. Evolving having connectivity and good communication with community, optimistic attitude towards followers with good ethical behavior, compassionate, kind and elegant, evenhanded as well as flexible and adaptive leadership, in this regards leaders can cope up with challenging or turbulent circumstances.

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