Pedagogical Practices Of Prospective Teachers

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K. Sujitha , Dr. A. Rajeswari


Pedagogyistheartofteaching.Effectiveteachersuseanarrayofteachingstrategies because there is no single, universal approach that suits all situations. The present study aims to identify the Pedagogical Practices of Prospective Teachers in relation to some variables Gender (Male, Female), Pedagogical subjects (Arts, Science), Level of Education (Undergraduate, Postgraduate). For the purpose of the present study, a questionnaire for finding Pedagogical Practices was used. The research sample consisted of 300 student teachers in Tanjore District of TamilNadu. The study found that the Prospective Teacherslevel of Pedagogical Practices was high in general. There is no significant difference in the mean scores with respect to Gender and Pedagogical Subjects and there is asignificant difference in terms of Level of Education which post graduates have more than Undergraduates.

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