Study Of Marketing Strategy Within Private Higher Education Institutions

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Mr. Rahul Sharma , Dr Shampa Nandi


Many nations now include private universities in their mix of higher education options. India boasts the second-highest number of privately-run universities in the world, with another 50,000 institutions falling under the umbrella of "private" or "deemed to be" status. Of the other 50,000, however, only 5,000 get funding from the government (Central & State Govt. together). The goal of this research is to provide a detailed account and critical evaluation of the marketing strategies used by HEIs in their efforts to recruit new students. Despite the long history of marketing in academia, many faculty and administrators still refuse to accept students as customers. This article analyzes this controversy through the lenses of market orientation, customer orientation, and service and relationship marketing. The study concludes that students should be considered clients throughout the planning phase of the marketing strategy and offers suggestions for how the conflict may be resolved.

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