Readiness And Competency Level Of BEED Freshmen Students In GECMAT: A Basis For Bridging Program

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Analiza C. Baynosa , Jacquiline R. Tillo


This study aimed to determine BEED students’ readiness and competency level in the GECMAT of Carlos Hilado Memorial State College. The 57 BEED first-year students enrolled in General Mathematics in the last first semester of 2019-2020 were the respondents of this study.

This study employed the quantitative method of research using descriptive - developmental statistics. Respondents had deficient readiness levels regardless of their senior high school strands, and the type of schools they last attended are significant findings of this study. The competency level of respondents was low. Consequently, they were unprepared to enter the tertiary level. They had difficulty understanding the content of the GECMAT course. Both public and private schools delivered the instruction in General Mathematics equally. The degree of correlation between competency and readiness level was deficient, but they are directly proportional.

     The researcher recommended restructuring math topics in Senior high school. Enrolling in the bridging course before taking the GECMAT and modifying the screening process of students' admission to the said program are highly recommended.

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