Corpus Linguistics And Technology Integration In SLA; Generating Language Tasks Through SKETCH Engine

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Dr. Juliana Çyfeku


Given that, Corpus Linguistics supports the integration and the use of sociocultural approaches in Second Language Acquistion (SLA), this study underpins what corpus linguists uphold in their researches concerning language and its features to support and assist language teachers and learners in the acquisition of the English. The main focus of this study goes in line with consistent SLA theories, particularly those that emphasize the sociocultural approaches targeting: input and output (linguistic data), use of authentic texts, the importance and creation of real-world language tasks, learner-learner interaction, and learner autonomy in dependency to explore the data provided in corpora contexts.

In relevance to technology integration in SLA, SkELL (Sketch Engine for Language Learning) is a free, open online search engine that shows how genuine language as selected for linguistic purposes, is used by real speakers of the targeted language. The present study aims to highlight the practicality of implementing: Word Sketch, Thesaurus, Wordlist as innovative tools among a range of others. It addresses the use of relia and authentic texts that guide autonomously language learners undertake, explore and reach to conclusive remarks to any relevant issue-specific empirical study of the language.

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