Reflections Of The Sectarian Conflict In Iraq On The Forced Migration From 2006 To 2019

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Qasem Jamil Althubetat , Sabreen Mhaimeed Abdullah &Walid Abdel Hadi Al- Oweimer


This study aimed at investigating sectarianism as it constitutesthe most dangerous problem for Iraq’s peace and security, and as the issue of sectarianism and the problems that arise from it constitute a serious scourge that threatens the social structure of any country. For that, the study attempted to clarify the reality of sectarianism in Iraq from the fall of Baghdad in 2003 until now, to clarify the most important outlets, gaps, and causes of sectarianism in Iraq, both internal and external and then explain the reality of sectarian incursion in Iraq and its reflection on the forced migration of Iraqis inside and outside Iraq after 2006. The researcher adopted the descriptive and analytical approach which is a method for studying scientific phenomena or problems by doing the description in a scientific way and then arriving at logical explanations that have evidence and proofs that give the researcher the ability to set specific frameworks for the problem, and this is used in determining the results of the research.

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