The Foundations Of Judicial Policy Related To The Judicial System: Through Umar Bin Al-Khaṭṭab’s Correspondence To His Judges And Governors

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Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Al-Jabali , Dr. Amjad Ali Saadeh , Dr. Abdullah bin Ali bin Mohammad Al-Shahrani


Umar bin Al-Khaṭṭab (RA) took unique pains to deliver effective and speedy justice for the people. He was the first to establish a successful system of judicial administration, where Justice was administered under the principles of Islam. This study aims to identify the foundations of judicial policy related to the judicial system, its nature, and its objectives by examining the correspondence between the Commander of the Faithful Umar Bin Al-Khaṭṭab (RA) and his judges. As well as tracing the broad lines of his judicial policy, shedding light on his method of jurisprudence and looking into the fields of legal policy through the administration of the judicial system based on the principles of rulings and their applications in reality.

The "inductive and descriptive" research methodology was utilized in this study, in which the original sources of Umar's statements and actions were examined, their contents were extrapolated, and their implications were illustrated. The findings of the study demonstrated that the correspondence (letters) of Umar Bin Al-Khaṭṭab (RA) included the most significant foundations of judicial policy.

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