Hello!! I Am Psychological Strong: Intervening Analysis Of Psychological Well-Being In Between Emotional Intelligence And Work Overload

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Qamar Abbas Mangi , Zain ul Abdin Rind , Dr. Kewal Talreja , Humaira Dogar , Sarfaraz Ahmed Bhutto


Emotions and sentiments are endless elements of life, sometimes people made themselves emotionally strong and sometimes have had bad times. Work overload is considered as negative workplace phenomena that instigates stress among employees. Work overload damages employees’ physical health and mental obstruction. Facing such negative environment, emotional intelligence is considered to be a coping strategy to control such negative shocks. This research aimed to examine emotional intelligence, psychological well-being and work overload among private school teachers of Pakistan. The research data was collected from 334 private school teachers using stratified and systematic random sampling. The structural equation modelling (SEM) was used to assess research hypotheses. It was found that emotional intelligence has significant negative impact on employee work overload. Furthermore, intervening analysis were performed and inducted psychological wellbeing (a measure of individual wellbeing) as mediator. SEM Results reported that psychological wellbeing mediates the relationship between emotional intelligence and work overload. The research outcomes provide a safe guidelines for management and policy makers to make their employee self-sufficient and psychological strong.

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