Kulcapi's Transcendental Power: An Instrument For Interpreting The Tragic Experience Of Siosar Refugees

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Pulumun Peterus Ginting, Yakobus Ndona, Frinawaty Lestarina Barus, Liber Siagian


Refugees often give birth to tragic experiences, which if not interpreted properly will cause new problems. This paper raises the transcendental power of the kulcapi instrument as a local wealth of the Karo people to help the Siosar refugees in interpreting the tragic experience. The findings are intended to inspire many parties, especially observers and policy makers to help refugees scattered in various regions and countries to interpret the tragic experience in a positive way and place it as a foundation for reaching the future. Research data were collected through limited trials, interviews, and document collection; and analyzed through a circle pattern of philosophical hermeneutics. The results of data analysis show that the kulcapi instrument has transcendental power, especially when filled with elements of local art and culture. The kulcapi instrument gives greater power to these elements to echo the transcendental vision in tragic experience as the deepest meaning that illuminates refugees and gives strength to build the future.

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